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THINKBIG INFOTECH is a collaborative IT network that helps enterprises embrace next-gen technologies to stay ahead in the digital eon. The organization renders comprehensive IT services that are custom devised to enable businesses operating in varied spheres to pursue an aggressive growth agenda. THINKBIG INFOTECH has a robust IT services suite that spans software development, web design, cloud solutions and allied areas.

The company’s offerings portfolio includes ERP Software Development Services, Customized SAP Implementation, SAP Consulting, ERP Software Development, ERP Solutions, Web and Mobile Application Development services, IT Staffing and Offshore Development Services, and more.

THINKBIG INFOTECH is fast emerging as an indispensable critical success factor across the wider enterprise arena.


At THINKBIG INFOTECH, our mission is all about enabling businesses through innovative and reliable IT solutions that drive efficiency, enhance productivity and fuel growth. As trusted partners to our clientele, we deliver seamless and secure IT experiences, ensuring our clients stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Leveraging a collaborative approach, we envision a future where technology transforms businesses and creates lasting value that’s sustainable.


Empowering the Future, Connecting Possibilities: At THINKBIG INFOTECH, we envision a dynamic tomorrow where our cutting-edge IT services define technological innovation. Combining agile solutions and unparalleled expertise, we aspire to be the change agents driving our clients' success in an ultra-competitive environment. THINKBIG INFOTECH is committed to driving transformative change by pushing the boundaries of innovation, fostering a culture of continuous learning and delivering unmatched value to our clients.


Team THINKBIG INFOTECH is spear headed by Mr Shanmugam Dhanapal; a seasoned, well decorated IT professional backed by an array of milestone achievements. He is a qualified technocrat with a Master’s degree in Science (Information Technology) with Distinction from Madras University, India. He is backed by over two decades of rich and varied experience across the IT industry, spanning deep technical background in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and IT Infrastructure with AWS Cloud service in the financial sector. He has hands on exposure to developing IT applications and managing all the in-houses IT projects, AWS Infra and IT vendors, highlighting his professional value proposition. He brings to the table, a collaborative approach, team playing abilities, diverse leadership skills and an ability to achieve pre-set goals. THINKBIG INFOTECH is poised for hyper growth under the leadership of Mr Shanmugam.


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